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Best Mercedes S Class Tint - XPEL Prime Window Tint - Best Automotive Window Tint in Seaford Del

Here is a beautiful Mercedes S Class that got our High Performing XPEL XR Prime window tint. This is a Nano Ceramic Window tint that is blocking a tremendous amount of heat! This XPEL Prime window tint is the absolute best on the market! This film is not only making the car cooler, it is also protecting the interior by blocking 99.9% of the harmful UV - A and UV - B rays! The Mercedes is one of the best vehicles that you can buy and you should definitely match the vehicles quality by putting the best XPEL window tint out there on it! This film is a gorgeous product in the 20% shade. It is aesthetically pleasing and is not too dark during the night time. It is right in the middle. This film is also semi private! Most people will not be able to see into the vehicles at all!

Heat, Light, and UV are the biggest causes of fading and degradation of interior furnishings, body panels, or flooring! Blocking these can greatly increase the lifespan of the interior! You can reach us at (302) 947 - 4624 or via email at

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