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3M Bomb Blast Mitigation Window Films

In today's world, the real threats of bomb blasts and terrorist incidents necessitate heightened safety and security measures, particularly in high-risk environments such as airports or hospitals where helicopters are present. The potential for an aircraft crash leading to an explosion underscores the importance of advanced protective solutions. Enter the 3M Bomb Blast Window Film, a cutting-edge technology designed to mitigate the risks associated with unexpected explosions or terrorist attacks.


This specialized film is not only a crucial component in safeguarding against bomb blasts but also addresses unique challenges posed by aircraft-related incidents. In scenarios where helicopters are present, the film serves as a protective barrier, mitigating the risks of high-velocity flying glass that may result from an explosion or crash. This capability is especially pertinent in environments like airports or hospitals, where the potential for such incidents is a critical consideration.

The 3M Bomb Blast Window Film helps create resilient barriers, holding glass together in the face of a blast and significantly reducing the potential harm caused by shattered glass. By providing an added layer of protection, this film contributes to the safety of individuals inside targeted and surrounding buildings. Embrace the advancements in safety and security measures to counteract these evolving threats and fortify the protection of critical infrastructure and public spaces.

In the aftermath of a blast, the peril posed by shattered airborne glass, propelled at high velocities, becomes a significant threat to personal safety. Blast pressures have the potential to propel glass shards at speeds reaching 60-70 MPH, equivalent to 100 feet per second. Recognizing the severity of this risk, blast mitigation film emerges as a vital and effective solution to enhance the protection of individuals, property, and belongings. By offering a formidable defense against flying glass shards, which often lead to common blast-related injuries and fatalities, blast mitigation film plays a crucial role in mitigating the potential harm caused by blast events.

Why Choose 3M Bomb Blast Film?
  1. Proven Expertise: With decades of experience in safety and security solutions, 3M is a trusted name in the industry.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: The film incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide effective protection against bomb blasts and explosions.
  3. Customizable Solutions: Tailor the solution to your specific needs, ensuring a customized approach to security.
  1. Consultation and Assessment: Begin with a thorough consultation and assessment of your facility's security needs.
  2. Tailored Solution Design: Based on the assessment, a tailored solution incorporating 3M Bomb Blast Film and attachment systems will be designed.
  3. Professional Installation: Our team of experts ensures the professional and efficient installation of the film, optimizing its performance.

IPA, a robust structural silicone adhesive, is utilized to secure the security film, glass, and window frame together. The anti-shatter film is applied to the glass in a manner resembling a daylight application, with trimmed gaskets and the film's edges inserted as close to the window frame as feasible. Subsequently, a ½” bead of silicone is applied flush against the frame, overlapping the security film and serving as a replacement for the original gaskets.

3M Bomb Blast Window Film
3M Bomb Blast Window Film
3M Bomb Blast Window Film

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3M Bomb Blast Window Film

Holds Glass together

3M Bomb Blast Window Film

Protect Interior Belongings

3M Bomb Blast Window Film

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3M Bomb Blast Window Film

Bomb Blast Mitigation

3M Bomb Blast Window Film

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