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3M Post-it WhiteBoard Film

Transform your Workspace or Classroom with 3M Whiteboard Film

Whiteboards have long been a staple for fostering collaboration in office and educational settings, promoting the open exchange of ideas through written records. However, one common limitation is the risk of someone using permanent markers, rendering the whiteboard unusable. Fortunately, 3M Company has revolutionized this with their innovative solutions. By introducing products like the 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface, they've addressed the challenge of permanence, providing a versatile, erasable surface that encourages creativity and idea-sharing without the fear of irreversible marks. This breakthrough enhances the functionality of whiteboards, making them more conducive to collaborative environments.

Increase Productivity with 3M Whiteboard Film

For over three decades, Shore Tint & More has been a trusted provider of professional commercial film services. Introducing 3M's innovative Post-it® Flex Write Surface, our whiteboard film solution takes collaboration to the next level. This versatile film is designed to be installed on existing whiteboards, tables, desks, and walls, offering a seamless erasable surface. Even when permanent markers are used, Flex Write Surface can be effortlessly wiped clean with a damp cloth, leaving no stains behind.

Ideal for inspiring collaboration in offices, conference rooms, and schools, Flex Write Surface shares the convenience of a Post-it® Note – it can be repositioned effortlessly. Whether initiating ideas in one room or transferring collaborative efforts to another, this film facilitates seamless relocation without the need for extensive cleanup.

As Shore Tint & More emphasizes safety, it's worth noting that Post-it® Flex Write Surface is compatible with common disinfectant sprays, providing a hygienic and adaptable solution for various environments.

Professional 3M Window Tinting
Professional 3M Window Tinting
Professional 3M Window Tinting

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