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safety window film for tempering

Safety Glazing - 3M Window Tempering Film

Save Time and Money with 3M Safety Tempering Film for your Construction Project

Cost-Effective Retrofit

Crystal Clear Retrofit

3M Safety Tempering Film is an affordable cost effective solution to increasing the safety of your glazing. Pass Building Code without replacing the window unit. 

Pass Building Code

3M Safety & Security Window Films, along with 3M Impact Protection Adhesive, undergo rigorous impact testing according to safety glazing standards such as ANSI Z97.1 (2015), 16 CFR 1201, and EN12600. Our testing procedures encompass various glass thicknesses (1/4” and 1/8”), categories (I and II), and classes (A and B) within 3M's comprehensive portfolio of safety and security window films.

Sticker Identification

We install our Window Stamp into the corner of every glazing we install the Tempering Film to so building inspectors and contractors can quickly identify which window units have been treated

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Learn More about 3M Window Tempering Film

3M Window Tempering film has been a specialty of Shore Tint & More since 1989. We have been helping contractors and clients alike pass building code for many years. We are your 3M Window Film specialist. 

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Quick Installation Retrofit

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Cheaper than Glass Replacement

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Warrantied by 3M

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Reduce UV Rays

3M Residential Safety Window Film

Nearly Invisible

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