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Reduce Melted Siding/Turf with Window Film

Professional Window Tinting Services in Delaware

New Construction - Melted Siding or Turf

Windows have the capacity to reflect a certain degree of heat, and when this reflected heat exceeds a specific threshold, it has the potential to cause harm to nearby plastic surfaces such as vinyl siding, composite decking, patio furniture, and plastic automobile trim. Landscaping elements like lawns, turf, and shrubs are also vulnerable to this damage.


The Department of Energy reports that approximately 80% of residential windows and 50% of commercial windows sold annually are equipped with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating. While a Low-E coating enhances the energy efficiency of a window, it also increases the reflection of longwave infrared (IR) energy and shortwave ultraviolet (UV) light. It is this heightened IR and UV energy that poses a risk of damage to objects in close proximity to the windows.

Melted Siding Protection With Window Film
Melted Siding Protection With Window Film
Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Reduce Melting Sun Damage with XPEL Exterior Ceramic Tint

XPEL Exterior Ceramic Window Films work to diminish the transmission of the sun's incident energy through the glass pane by increasing reflection and absorption. The absorbed energy includes a portion of the sun's longwave infrared (IR) before reaching the Low-E coating, redirecting it back outside. Additionally, these window films reduce the intensity of concentrated energy reflected from the curvature of the window, though not entirely eliminating it.


While XPEL Exterior  Ceramic Window Films have proven effective in mitigating or preventing damage caused by Low-E windows and curved glass, the suitability of this solution depends on various factors, as outlined above. It's important to note that the complete elimination or reduction of damage is not guaranteed and contingent on the specifics of each unique situation.

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Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Crystal Clear Appearance

Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Reduce Energy Costs

Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Manufacturer Warranty 

Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Reduce Hot/Cold Spots

Melted Siding Protection With Window Film

Reduce Energy Footprint

Have you noticed some rooms are hotter or colder than others?

This phenomenon is referred to as temperature imbalance. The primary contributor to this imbalance, accounting for 70%, is the influx of solar energy (sunlight) penetrating through windows. The most economical solution to address this issue is the application of window film. This film is installed on the interior side of windows, offering three key advantages: reduction of ultraviolet light, rejection of solar energy, and mitigation of glare.

At Shore Tint & More, we specialize in providing films tailored for all window types. Our films are meticulously crafted to enhance energy efficiency in windows, outperforming existing or replacement windows in 95% of cases. We exclusively offer residential window film with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer.

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