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Transform Your Tesla Model S with Window Tint - Shore Tint in Seaford Delaware

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Elevating your Tesla experience has never been easier. A sleek and beautiful Tesla Model S recently received an upgrade that enhances its appeal and functionality – window tinting.

This stylish enhancement not only adds a touch of class but offers a multitude of benefits that improve your driving experience.

Beyond aesthetics, window tinting serves as a practical choice for Tesla owners. It significantly reduces harmful glare, making driving more enjoyable and safer. What's more, our XR and XR Plus films are designed to enhance your vehicle's energy efficiency by blocking up to 90% of infrared heat, keeping your Tesla cooler and reducing the workload on your climate control system.

Protecting your Tesla's interior from harmful UV rays is another compelling reason to invest in window tinting. With XPEL's window film, you benefit from 99.9% UV-A and UV-B blockage, safeguarding your vehicle against interior degradation. This, in turn, ensures your Tesla remains in pristine condition for years to come. Contact us today at Shore Tint & More Inc. by calling (302) 947-4624 or emailing to transform your Tesla and elevate your driving experience.


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