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Tesla Model S Best Window Tint in Seaford DE

A beautiful Tesla Model S just got its windows tinted, Window tinting is a perfect upgrade to your Tesla because it makes it better in multiple ways. First it adds a classy look to the vehicle. Shading the windows adds a personal touch to the vehicle. It also cuts down the harmful glare and makes it easier to see and more fun to drive.

Another great reason to get your Tesla tinted is to make it more energy efficient. Our XR and XR Plus films are a great option for that. We are blocking anywhere from 70-90% of the Infared Heat coming through the glass. This means that your vehicle is not working as hard to keep it cool and it doesnt get as hot as it normally would when parked.

The last but not least reason to tint your Tesla is that window film blocks 99.9% of the UV-A and UV-B. UV is one of the major causes of Interior Degradation. Window film from XPEL will keep your Tesla lasting longer and looking better than ever. Contact us today at Shore Tint & More Inc. (302) 947- 4624 or at

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