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Residential Window Tinting in Millsboro Delaware - Sun Control Window Tinting to the Rescue in this Beautiful Peninsula Home

We’re excited to showcase a residential window tinting project completed in the Peninsula Development in Millsboro, Delaware. Using the XPEL Blend 17 sun control window tint, Marvito and Jared achieved excellent sun protection and aesthetic appeal for the residence.

The Consultation: Assess the Problems and Find the Solution

Residential Window Tinting in Millsboro Delaware

Referred by a fellow Peninsula neighbor, the homeowner contacted Shore Tint & More, concerned about the overwhelming sun in his rental property. The living room was getting blasted by the sun's intense rays, making it uncomfortable for anyone inside. Cody visited the property to meet with the homeowner and discuss various solutions. They narrowed the choices to Night Vision 15 and Blend 17. After reviewing the samples left by Cody, the homeowner decided on XPEL Blend 17 Residential Window Tint.

Advanced Sun Tracking Technology

Residential Window Tinting in MIllsboro Delaware

In our consultation, we employed advanced sun tracking technology to determine the sun's position throughout the year. This technology is essential for narrowing down residential window tint solutions, illustrating the sun's location and intensity.

Residential Window Tint Installation

Residential Window Tinting in Millsboro Delaware
  1. Jobsite Preparation: First with booties equipped they relocated some furniture to gain proper access to the windows. Laying down tarps to protect the floors, and then they began to bring in the scaffolding.

  2. Window Deep Cleaning: A thorough multi step cleaning of the windows and frames ensures proper adhesion of the home window tint. No Bubbles!

  3. Home Tint Installation: Jared & Marvito working together systematically moved around the living room progressing through the project. Jared Pre cutting the project while Marvito Prepping the glass getting it ready to install helps them move quickly. They were able to complete this project within two hours.

  4. Wrap Up Time: After applying the home window tint using proper squeegee techniques to remove excessive moisture and to ensure a smooth finish. Double checking the work our team pushed out the edges to help them properly dry.

Conclusion: Sun Control Window Tinting Blocks out the Sun!

Residential Window Tinting in Millsboro Delaware

Why Residential Window Tint by Shore Tint & More?

  • Family-Owned Since 1989: As a family-operated business, we bring a personal and reliable touch to window tinting services.

  • Energy-Saving Solutions: Our window tints are designed to enhance energy efficiency, reducing heat and blocking harmful UV rays.

  • Safety and Security Films: We offer window films that bolster the safety and security of your home or business.

  • Decorative Upgrades: Our decorative tints provide an elegant update to any window, offering both style and protection.

  • Diverse Residential Window Tint Options: Choose from a variety of options, including tints with 99.9% UV block, to customize your home's comfort and protection.

Discover the transformative advantages of residential sun control window tinting. It offers numerous benefits, including heat rejection, glare control, privacy, and fade protection. XPEL Blend 17 is an outstanding residential window tint, significantly reducing blinding glare, overwhelming heat, and damaging UV rays.

If you have a home in the Peninsula housed in Millsboro or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 302-947-4624 for a free in-person consultation. Cody will come out, meter your glass, assess your problems, recommend compatible residential window tint solutions, create an instant digital proposal, and leave product samples with you to review. All of our technicians are factory-trained and trained within our company. With over 350 5-star reviews and 70 years of combined experience, there is no residential window tinting project we can't handle.

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If you have a home or business in Delaware and you would like to get the Shore Tint & More Treatment, fill out the contact form below! Or call/text us anytime at (302) 947-4624


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