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Decorative Home Window Tint in Bethany Beach Delaware - Rain Glass Decorative Window Tint on Closet Windows

Decorative Home Window Tint in Bethany Beach
Closet Windows Gain Privacy with our Decorative Home Window Tinting - Rain Glass

Open Views and No Privacy to Complete Privacy with a Decorative Touch. Learn how Below as We Transformed this Bethany Beach Closet with Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative Home Window Tint in Bethany Beach Delaware
Before Decorative Window Tint there was no privacy into the closet

Our latest project in Bethany Beach, Delaware, involved installing decorative home window tinting using Rain Glass Window Tint for the closet windows. This elegant solution provided both true day and nighttime privacy and a beautiful decorative touch to the home. The homeowners were delighted with the transformation and the enhanced appearance of their windows.

The Problem to Solution and How we got there: Block the Views and Gain Privacy

In our consultation, the homeowners shared their concern about reducing visibility into their closet. Their next-door neighbors could see directly inside, compromising their privacy. Our challenge was to block the view while maintaining natural light. With the windows being irregularly shaped, traditional window treatments weren't a viable option. We recommended decorative window tinting as the perfect solution to achieve privacy and retain natural light.

While consulting with the homeowners, Cody observed existing etched Rain Glass in adjacent windows. He suggested Rain Glass Window Tint to complement the existing glass and create a cohesive look. This solution provided the perfect balance of privacy and aesthetic flow.

The Solution: Decorative Home Window Tinting - Rain Glass

Decorative Home Window Tinting in Bethany Beach Delaware

Following a thorough discussion of the different window tint solutions and a comparison of the Rain Glass decorative home tint to the existing Rain Glass, Cody prepared a digital proposal. The clients reviewed and approved the instant digital proposal, and the installation was promptly scheduled.

Installation Day: Jobsite Prep and Home Window Tint Install

Our lead technicians, Jared and Marvito, promptly arrived at the Bethany Beach residence. As a well-coordinated team with frequent collaboration, they were fully prepared to start the project. Here's how they do it.

Jobsite Preparation

First with booties equipped they relocated some furniture to gain proper access to the closet windows. Laying down tarps to protect the floor and counter, and then they began to bring in the ladders and Decorative Home Window Tint.

Window Deep Cleaning

Decorative Home Window Tint in Bethany Beach
Lead Technician Marvito Prepping the Windows for Decorative Home Window Tint Installation

Marvito executed a multi-step cleaning process for the windows and frames to ensure the home window tint adheres perfectly. This careful preparation results in a smooth, bubble-free finish!

Decorative Home Window Tint Installation

Decorative Home Window Tinting in Bethany Beach

Marvito meticulously worked through each window, ensuring precision and accuracy to achieve a flawless decorative window tint finish for this Bethany Beach home.

Decorative Home Window Tinting in Bethany beach

Success! Privacy at Last

In just two hours, Marvito expertly prepped and applied a decorative home window tint, swiftly achieving the privacy the clients desired.

Conclusion: No more Open View

Discover the transformative benefits of decorative home window tinting with this project in Bethany Beach. Upgrade your residence by enhancing existing windows, eliminating the need for traditional window treatments or blinds. At Shore Tint and More, our expert technicians ensure meticulous installations and superior results.

If you have a home in Bethany Beach or surrounding areas, feel free to contact us for a free in home consultation. We have solutions for all your window tinting needs ranging from Energy Efficiency, Safety & Security, and Decorative Window Tinting

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If you have a home or business in Delaware and you would like to get the Shore Tint & More Treatment, fill out the contact form below! Or call/text us anytime at (302) 947-4624


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