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Best C8 Tint Seaford DE

A gorgeous Sports car like the Corvette C8 needs the Best upgrades possible. Our XPEL Window film is the best choice to add a tasteful upgrade. Our window film can solve a few issues like Aesthetics, Energy Efficiency, and Longevity. All of these can be achieved with our XPEL CS, XR or XR+ window films.

Adding a shaded film to your C8 is the perfect way to add that extra contrast you are looking for. Window film adds a wow factor that other mods dont. Getting a shaded window makes the C8 look sleek and powerful.

Energy Efficiency can be added to your windows with our XR and XR+ films. They block a tremendous amount of heat and IR Heat as well. Getting a Nano Ceramic Window film helps keep the car cooler after parking, gets the car cooler after running, and it also keeps the HVAC from working as hard and ultimately prematurely breaking down.

Longevity can be achieved with our window films because all of our products block 99.9% of the UV-A and UV-B from coming through the windows. The UV causes premature degradation of the interior plastics and moldings. Also UV is a major cause of Skin cancer. Blocking the UV is crucial in your C8. Contact us today at Shore Tint & More Inc. (302) 947- 4624 or at

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