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UV Protection Ceramic Car Tint in Seaford Delaware

We are Seaford Delaware's #1 Premier Car Window Tinting Company. Call or text us for an appointment (302) 947-4624

Heat Blocking

UV Protection

Lifetime Warranty

Best UV Protection Car Window Tints

At Shore Tint we only offer the Best UV Protecting Window Tint from XPEL. Our UV Protecting Window Tints come in 3 different price points XPEL CS, XR, XR PLUS

Ceramic Tint is the best kind of tint on the market. Ceramic Tint Specializes in IR Heat Rejection and UV Protection. For example XPEL XR and XR PLUS Block 99.9% of the UV Rays.

Contact us now and request more information. You can also text or call (302) 947-4624  for an appointment

High Quality UV Protection Car Tint

Not all UV protection window tints are created equal. Some are higher quality and last many years, while others do not. We recommend our professional grade ceramic window tints because it blocks out the heat the best which is produced by infrared and light. XPEL XR and XR Plus are the best Ceramic Tints on the market. They are a single layer and a dual layer ceramic. 


XPEL XR and XR Plus Ceramic Window Tint are so good at blocking out the harmful UV, they are actually reccomended and endorsed by the National Skin Cancer Foundation.

Our ceramic window film will help to prevent your interior upholstery from fading and cracking. Our premium UV protection window tints will outperform any dyed tints no matter what shade it is. More dark does not mean better performance. Ask about our Clear Ceramic Tint for the windshield!

Shore Window Tinting has the knowledge and experience to help you decide on the perfect tint film for you and your vehicle in Seaford, Delaware. Call now to setup an appointment!


Our Professional Ceramic Tints Will keep you cool on those hot sunny days

Check out the video below on our XPEL XR Plus Ceramic Tints. XR Plus is the best Car Tint on the market. Guaranteed to block out a lot of IR Heat and 99.9% of the harmful UV Rays

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