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Solar Control Home Window Tint

If you're ready to take control of temperatures in your home or office and add next-level privacy with UV protection, look no further than VISION Solar Window Film.



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Comfort and Security

Heat and UV Protection for your home


Clear Ceramic UV Films 
Solar Protection

Our Clear View Plus films are the absolute Best technology on the market for UV and Fade Protection. Our Clear UV Films not only protect from the Harmful UV, they also block tremendous amounts of heat. Adding a Clear ceramic film on your windows will Reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass without effecting your view and clarity through the windows. 

Our Clear View Plus films are blocking up to 99.9% of the UV coming through the glass. UV is one of the biggest causes of fading.

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Here is a beautiful project the Shore Tint Team knocked out. On this project we used a couple different home solutions. We installed our Clear View Plus 40% Film and a Decorative film on the garage and bathrooms. The Clear View Plus film is perfect for cutting down some of the blinding light/glare, and reducing the heating and air costs tremendously. Not to mention it boasts a 99.9% UV-A and UV-B Blockage rate.

XPEL Has some of the best Home and Business Window Film Technology. We have products for almost every situation. Whether you are looking for privacy, blocking and keeping out Solar Energy, Reduce Fading and UV Exposure, Shore Tint and XPEL have you covered. We have a variety of shades from Super Clear 70% films all the way down to 7% One Way Mirror Finishes.

Choosing The Right Window Film

Choosing the proper window film comes down to your goals with the project. We recommend booking your free consultation for professional guidance on the best film for you. There are several types of film that offer different solutions, so we took the most common window films we use to help you learn more about them!


 Clear Ceramic

The Clear View Plus Ceramic Window films offer the best Heat and UV Protection without compromising and changing the view 

  • Up to 87% IR Heat Rejection

  • 99.9% UV Blockage

  • Optically Clear View


Millsboro Dominos

Dark Neutral

The Dark Neutral window films are a very popular option because it gives the windows the dark "Tinted" look without a reflective look. 

  • Great Glare Reduction

  • 99.9% UV Blockage

  • Privacy

One Way Mirror

The One Way Mirror tint is perfectly suited for any room that needs maximum privacy. Commonly used in Restaurants, bars, homes and offices 

  • Maximum Privacy

  • 99.9% UV Blockage

  • Maximum Glare Reduction


Privacy Frost

The Privacy Frost is the absolute best for complete and total Privacy. Extremely Popular in bathrooms, Medical Facilities, (Beebe Hospital) In picture, Businesses

  • Blocks View Both ways

  • Reflects Ambient Light

  • Out of Sight - Out of Mind

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