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Work Truck Tint - Factory Tint - Privacy Tint - Heat Block Ceramic Tint - Seaford Tinting

Here we have an older body style Ford F350! They chose our XPEL XR Nano Ceramic window tint. The XPEL Nano Ceramic XR Prime window tint specializes in blocking a huge amount of heat! This is their work vehicles and now when they are next to the windows for long hauls, they wont feel nearly as much heat from coming in through the aged windows! The film is also protecting the older brittle interior by blocking 99.9% of the harmful UV Rays.

Heat, Light, and UV are the biggest causes of fading and degradation of interior furnishings, body panels, or flooring! Blocking these can greatly increase the lifespan of the interior! You can reach us at (302) 947 - 4624 or via email at

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