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Transform Your Sunroom into a Year-Round Oasis with Shore Tint and More Inc


Sunrooms are designed to be a peaceful retreat within your home, a place where you can bask in natural light and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without stepping outside. However, many homeowners face a common issue: excessive glare, unbearable heat, and UV damage that can turn this serene space into an uncomfortable oven. If you love your sunroom but find it unusable during certain times of the year, Shore Tint and More Inc. has the perfect solution for you.

Understanding the Problem

Sunrooms, with their expansive glass surfaces, are particularly susceptible to the harsh effects of the sun. Let’s delve deeper into the specific issues:

  • Excessive Glare: Bright sunlight can cause significant glare, making it difficult to read, watch TV, or simply relax.

  • Heat Build-Up: The greenhouse effect can turn your sunroom into an uncomfortably hot space, especially during the summer months.

  • UV Damage: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can fade and damage your furnishings, flooring, and even artwork over time.

These problems not only reduce the usability of your sunroom but can also lead to increased energy costs as your cooling system works overtime to keep the space comfortable.

Solution Spotlight: Shore Tint and More Inc.

Shore Tint and More Inc. specializes in premium window films that offer a comprehensive solution to these issues. Our high-quality window films are designed to transform your sunroom into a comfortable, usable space all year round. Here’s how:

  • Glare Reduction: Our window films significantly reduce glare, allowing you to enjoy your sunroom without straining your eyes.

  • Heat Blockage: Advanced technology in our films blocks excessive heat, maintaining a pleasant temperature in your sunroom.

  • UV Protection: Our films protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays, preserving their color and extending their lifespan.

The Transformation Process

Transforming your sunroom with Shore Tint and More Inc. is a straightforward and hassle-free process:

  1. Consultation: We begin with a consultation to understand your specific needs and assess your sunroom.

  2. Selection: Based on your requirements, we help you select the most suitable window film from our range of premium options.

  3. Installation: Our professional team handles the installation, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

  4. Quality Check: We conduct a thorough quality check to ensure the installation meets our high standards.

  5. Enjoy: Your transformed sunroom is now ready for year-round enjoyment!

Benefits of Window Films

Installing window films offers numerous immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Energy Savings: By blocking excessive heat, window films reduce the need for air conditioning, leading to lower energy bills.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable temperature and reduced glare in your sunroom, no matter the season.

  • UV Protection: Protect your furnishings, flooring, and artwork from fading and damage caused by UV rays.

  • Increased Home Value: A well-maintained, comfortable sunroom adds to the overall value of your home.

How to Get Started

Ready to reclaim your sunroom and enjoy it year-round? Contact Shore Tint and More Inc. today. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions and guide you through the process.


Don’t let excessive glare, heat, and UV damage keep you from enjoying your sunroom. Shore Tint and More Inc.’s premium window films offer a simple, effective solution to transform your sunroom into a comfortable, inviting space all year round. Reclaim your favorite spot in the house and experience the difference today!

Contact us now and take the first step towards a more comfortable, enjoyable sunroom.

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