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The Importance of Security Film on Homes, Businesses, and Even Schools

When it comes to keeping our homes, businesses, and schools secure, there are many options available for users to enhance their security. One popular and effective way to do so is by adding security film on windows and glass doors. Security film is an excellent solution to prevent break-ins, reduce the risk of injury due to shattered glass, and provide additional privacy. This blog post explores the benefits of installing security film on homes, businesses, and schools.

1. Prevent Break-Ins: Criminals usually rely on breaking windows or glass doors to gain access to homes, businesses, or schools. Security films are made of multiple layers of polyester and adhesive to hold the glass together, making it difficult or impossible to penetrate. The film holds the broken glass together in case someone tries to break the glass. As a result, intruders are less likely to break in and are more likely to move on to a more vulnerable target.

2. Reduce the Risk of Injury: When the glass is broken, the shards can injure anyone near the point of impact. Security films can hold the glass together, thus reducing the risk of injury. This feature provides added safety for children, staff, customers, and residents in homes, businesses, and schools that have security films installed.

3. Privacy and Solar Control: Security films provide additional benefits beyond safety. They can reduce heat and glare while still allowing natural sunlight to enter the space, increasing comfort and energy savings. They also provide an additional layer of privacy, making it difficult to see inside the building from the outside. Customers and employees feel more secure, and homeowners feel more comfortable knowing they have added privacy in their homes.

4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Security films are easy to install, typically done in a few hours per window. They are also low maintenance and can last up to 20 years, making them a cost-effective solution for added security and privacy. They also protect from weather damage, such as hail, UV radiation, and fading, making it an excellent added feature to any home, business, or school.

5. Effective for Schools: Lastly, security films are significantly effective for schools. They fit right into active shooter preparedness, as they can slow or prevent access for active shooters, and add an additional safety measure for children and staff. This added safety feature can provide peace of mind for parents sending their children to school and ensure school administration is taking safety and security seriously.

In conclusion, adding security films to your home, business, or school is a beneficial and cost-effective way to enhance security and prevent break-ins, reduce the risk of injury due to shattered glass, and provide additional privacy. It is easy to install, maintain, and can protect your properties from weather damage. Security films fit into active shooter preparedness and keep schools safe. Do not wait until an incident happens to think about security. Consider adding security films to your windows and glass doors to keep your spaces safe and secure.

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