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The Essential Need of Installing Security Film in Schools

With frequent incidents of violence and security breaches in schools, it has become crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Installing security films in school buildings is one of the most effective methods to enhance the security of schools. It provides an extra layer of protection against damage to property, theft, and break-ins. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of installing security film in schools and how you can get a security assessment from Shore Tint and More.

1. Protection Against Natural Disasters:

Security films help to safeguard schools against some of the natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes. These films are designed to hold the glass pieces together and prevent complete shattering of doors and windows during a natural disaster. Security films can keep the glass in place for up to seventy-two hours, making it easy for the students, staff and visitors to evacuate safely.

2. Increased Privacy:

Privacy is essential in any learning environment. Teachers and students should be able to teach and learn without the fear of being monitored by strangers. Security films have the capability of providing an additional level of privacy by preventing unauthorized entry into the classrooms or offices. Additionally, these films also allow the ability to cover valuable machinery or electronics while allowing lighting in for optimal productivity and comfortability.

3. Enhanced Security:

Security threats are a significant concern in schools and colleges. Security films increase the resistance of doors and windows to break-ins. The films are designed to hold the glass in place even after being struck by a blunt object or multiple impacts. This extra layer of protection will give the students, staff, and visitors the necessary time to respond or take cover.

4. Reduced Energy Costs:

By blocking ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, security films have the ability to reduce solar heat gain inside the buildings. Reducing the entry of heat energy through windows enhances the building’s thermal performance. This results in reduced energy consumption, providing a more comfortable and energy-efficient learning environment.

5. Professional Security Assessment and Window Tinting Services:

Shore Tint and More offer window tinting services for schools to provide their teachers, students, and staff a safer environment. Our team of security professionals conduct an on-site security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities in entryways, exits and glass windows and doors. Once weaknesses are identified, our team advises on the right kind of film to be installed in the different locations of the building, and tinting shades options to consider depending on the security assessment.

To sum up, installing security films in your school buildings is a practical and effective way to enhance the security features of your institution. As shown above, these films offer a range of benefits, from protection against natural disasters and enhanced privacy to increased security and lower energy costs. Have an expert from Shore Tint and More conduct a security assessment to help you identify risks and recommend the best window film for your school building to achieve optimal results.

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