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The Benefits of Having Automotive Window Film Installed in a Shop Rather than Mobile

You’ve just bought a gorgeous new car and want to keep it in immaculate condition. You’re thinking of adding some window film to enhance its visual appeal and add extra protection to the interior. However, you’re not sure whether to opt for mobile installation or have it done in a shop. In this blog post, we explain why having your automotive window film installed in a shop is the best choice.

1. Controlled Environment: Installing window film in a mobile setting can pose a number of challenges. The weather can be unpredictable, and you never know what distractions or hazards may be present. Alternatively, having the work done in a shop provides a clean, controlled environment. Your car is parked inside, away from the elements, and the workshop is equipped with properly maintained tools and equipment.

2. Consistent Quality: When working on a mobile basis, the technician may experience interruptions in their work that could lead to a rushed install job. Additionally, a mobile installation may not have all the resources necessary to do the job correctly. When working in a shop, the technician is allowed to focus solely on the install, thereby ensuring the job is done correctly the first time..

3. Time Efficiency: Mobile technicians are usually required to work alone in order to keep costs down. This makes larger jobs more time-consuming and can lead to more room for errors. Conversely, having your window film installed in a shop means that the technician can call on experienced colleagues to get the job done more efficiently, while still keeping quality standards high.

4. Comprehensive Warranty: In many cases, when a mobile technician installs window film on a vehicle, there may be no warranty. The warranty will typically only cover the installation if it’s done in a shop. By having the installation done in a reputable shop, customers are guaranteed quality film and workmanship.

To sum up, while mobile installation may seem convenient, the benefits of having your automotive window film installed in a shop far outweigh the possible risks. The controlled environment, consistent quality, time efficiency, and comprehensive warranty, make the shop installation the recommended choice. Not only will it give you peace of mind that the job is done accurately, but it will also provide a better, long-lasting outcome overall. Take care of your vehicle by ensuring professional installation and book a visit to our shop today!

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