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Security Film to help prevent Break In Seaford, Harbeson, Lewes, Rehoboth DE the Best at Shore Tint

Clear Security film with an attachment system may be one of the smartest investments into your home or business. Security film is basically a thick clear (Sometimes tinted) film applied to your glass to keep intruders from getting in very easily. You can hit these windows with a sledgehammer and you wont be able to get in right away. Security film is made to slow down and not permanently stop someone.

Security film of many thicknesses can be used for different things. The main use of security film is for smash and grabs. It is used to stop people from throwing a brick into your storefront and running in, grabbing everything and running out in a matter of seconds. With security film they have to throw 30 bricks at the window before they can barely get in. The time it takes someone to get in the cops are already called and are on the way. It is to mitigate crime from being able to swiftly break in and get out.

An added benefit of security film is that it also blocks 99.9% of the UV. UV is a major cause of degradation of merchandise, clothing, and flooring. With a clear security film you can block 99.9% of the UV-A and UV-B from coming through the glass. You can contact us at (302) 947 - 4624

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