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Say goodbye to Faded Floors

The floors in your home are an important investment, both aesthetically and financially. You want them to look good and last as long as possible. However, the UV rays from the sun can cause your floors to fade and wear over time. To protect your investment, you need the right solution. That's where Shore Tint and More comes in. Our window films are designed to save your floors and protect your home from the harmful UV rays that cause the damage. In this blog post, we will explain the benefits of using window films for your floors and how Shore Tint and More can help you.

1. UV Rays and Your Floor:

The sun is a powerful force that gives us light and heat. Unfortunately, it also emits harmful UV rays that can fade and damage your floors. These rays can penetrate through your windows and affect your floor's color and texture. You may notice the color of your floors becomes lighter or changes. The sun can also dry out the natural oils in your flooring, which can lead to cracks or cupping. By installing window films, you can block up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your floors from sun damage.

2. Protect Your Investment:

Replacing your floors can be expensive and time-consuming. By installing window films, you can extend the life of your investment. The window films will protect your floors from fading and damage for years to come. You won't need to worry about constantly replacing your floors due to sun damage. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your floors, knowing that they are protected by Shore Tint and More's window films.

3. Enhance Your Home's Style:

Shore Tint and More offers a range of window films that can suit any home décor style. Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional look, we have a film that will complement your style. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique and stylish look. Our team of professionals will work with you to find the perfect film for your home and ensure it's installed perfectly, leaving you with a stunning and functional result.

4. Privacy and Security:

While protecting your floors from UV rays is essential, having additional privacy and security in your home is also important. Shore Tint and More's window films offer both. They can block the view from outside, preventing passersby from seeing into your home. This added privacy can also increase the security of your home, making it more difficult for potential intruders. Window films also reduce the amount of glare that comes through your windows, making it easier to see your screens and reducing eye strain.

5. Expert Installation and Service:

At Shore Tint and More, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. Our team of professionals will work with you to find the perfect film for your home and ensure it's installed perfectly. We offer a free consultation to assess your needs and provide you with a comprehensive estimate. Once we've agreed on the product, we will schedule a time that works best for you to complete the installation. We guarantee our products and installation and will continue to provide support and service after the installation is complete.

Shore Tint and More's window films are an excellent investment for protecting your floors, enhancing your home's style, and providing added privacy and security. With a range of films to choose from and expert installation and service, there's no reason to continue seeing your beautiful floors fade and wear. Protect your investment and your home by calling Shore Tint and More today for a free consultation.


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