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Remembering September 11 with Shore Tint and More Inc.

September 11, 2001, is a date that will always be ingrained in the memories of Americans. It was a day that changed our world forever. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people. It was a day that left us with broken hearts and a sense of vulnerability that we had not experienced before. Even though it has been 20 years since that tragic day, it is still important for us to remember and honor the lives that were lost. In this blog post, we will talk about how Shore Tint and More Inc remembers September 11, and why it is important for all of us to do the same.

Shore Tint and More Inc is an automotive and residential window tinting company located in New Jersey. Every year on September 11, they hold a special event to remember the victims of the attacks. They organize a car rally, where car enthusiasts come together and ride around the city with American flags on their vehicles. The rally gives people an opportunity to show their support and to honor the heroes who lost their lives on that day. The event also raises funds for various charities that help the families of the victims.

Apart from the car rally, Shore Tint and More Inc also donates a portion of their profits to charities that support September 11 victims' families. Even though they are a small business, they believe that giving back to the community is important, especially on such an important day.

In addition to their charitable work, Shore Tint and More Inc also takes pride in their workmanship. They use high-quality products to ensure that their window tinting lasts for years. They understand that their customers want to protect their cars and homes, and they take that responsibility seriously. By providing excellent service, they hope to be a symbol of strength and resilience for their community.

It is important for all of us to remember the events of September 11. It was a tragic day that brought us all together as a nation. We must never forget the sacrifice of the brave men and women who died on September 11. We should also remember the first responders who put their lives on the line to help others. Additionally, we must not forget the families who lost loved ones. Their pain and suffering will never go away, and we must show them our support and appreciation.

Shore Tint and More Inc is a small business that serves as an example of how we can all do our part to remember September 11. They are not just a window tinting company - they are a symbol of community, strength, and resilience. By organizing a car rally and donating to charities, they are showing that even small gestures can make a big difference. We must all remember the events of September 11, and we can do so by honoring the victims, supporting the first responders, and showing our appreciation for the families. It is our duty as Americans to always remember, to never forget, and to always stand together.

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