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Privacy Car Tint Near Me in Seaford Delaware

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Enhancing Privacy and Comfort: Toyota Prius Receives a Tint Makeover"

Witness the transformation of this Toyota Prius with our top-notch window tint installation. Our choice for this project includes XPEL CS 5% limo tint on the side windows and a 50% light shade on the windshield (please note that windshield tint may not comply with legal regulations). This combination strikes the perfect balance between privacy and performance, ensuring a remarkable upgrade for the vehicle.

The XPEL CS 5% tint on the side windows effectively blocks excessive sunlight and glare, providing enhanced privacy without compromising your ability to see clearly, even during nighttime drives. Moreover, this installation goes beyond aesthetics. It also significantly reduces heat penetration compared to the factory clear glass.

For the windshield, we've applied a light ceramic film, which is a superb addition to any window tint job. This 50%+ heat-blocking film ensures a more comfortable interior, particularly in warm weather. To experience the benefits of such a makeover for your vehicle, reach out to us at (302) 947-4624 or via email at


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