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Improve Your Business Security with Window Film Installation

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

As a business owner, keeping your workplace and employees safe is a top priority. Ensuring that your business is secure should not only involve theft prevention but also measures to protect your staff from natural disasters and situations affecting their safety. One of the best protection measures for your business is the installation of security window film. Not only does it make entry difficult but also offers additional benefits such as reducing energy bills and providing privacy for employees and customers. If you are considering window film installation for your business, Shore Tint and More offers free consultations to help you make the right decision.

1. Window Film Adds an Extra Layer of Protection

Security window film is a deterrent for burglars who try to break in through glass windows or doors. The film holds the glass firmly even after shattering, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry. With the added layer of security, you can rest assured that your business is more resistant to break-ins and will also discourage potential burglars.

2. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

In addition to security benefits, installing window film also reduces energy bills by reflecting heat and UV rays, keeping your workplace cooler, and lessening the load on your air conditioning. You will also enjoy the benefit of energy cost savings by reducing the amount of power needed to cool your business space.

3. Enhanced Privacy and Reduced Glare

Window film can also be used to improve privacy within your business. With the added privacy, customers, staff, and visitors can feel more secure within the premises without being exposed to prying eyes. Moreover, window film also minimizes glare, providing comfortable lighting to work in, which is beneficial, especially for those working with computer screens.

4. Protection from Natural Disasters

Security window film can keep your staff safe from natural disasters by keeping glass shards together, preventing them from being a danger to anyone nearby. When there are huge storms or hurricanes, the film acts as a barrier against flying debris, giving you peace of mind that your employees and customers are well-protected.

5. Attractive Aesthetics and Minimal Maintenance

Apart from offering security to your business, window film also enhances the look of your workplace. Installing window film is a great way to modernize your building's exterior design while also adding functionality. Easily maintainable, most window films require minimal maintenance, meaning it will save you time and money in upkeep.

Ensuring the security and safety of your business and employees is vital in today's world. Adding Security Window Film to your doors and windows will provide an extra layer of protection, increase energy efficiency and cost-saving advantages, increase privacy, and offer improved aesthetics to your business. Contact us today at Shore Tint and More for your free consultation to discuss how we can help you better secure and improve your business.

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