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How Window Film Helps Block Heat and UV Rays

As warmer weather approaches, homeowners and business owners alike will begin to notice an increase in energy bills, as air conditioning systems work tirelessly to combat the heat. However, there is a cost-effective solution to reducing energy bills and improving the comfort of a home or office: window film. Window film can reduce heat, glare, and UV rays, making it an excellent investment for any property owner. In this blog post, we'll explore how window film helps block heat and UV rays.

1. The Science Behind Window Film

Window film is installed on windows and glass doors. It's made up of a thin, transparent layer of polyester, which is treated with various compounds that help it reflect, absorb, and transmit light. In the case of heat and UV rays, window film works by reflecting or absorbing the energy coming from the sun, before it can enter the property. This process helps to reduce the amount of heat entering through the glass, which reduces the air conditioning load required to cool the property.

2. Heat Rejection Properties

A high-quality window film can reject up to 79% of solar heat gain, which is the amount of heat that radiates into a home or office due to sunlight entering through windows and doors. By rejecting solar heat gain, window film significantly reduces the temperature inside a property. This, in turn, reduces the need for air conditioning, and ultimately, energy bills.

3. UV Protection

Window film doesn't just block heat; it also provides excellent UV protection. UV rays are harmful to skin and fade interiors over time, but with the right window film installed, property owners can reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters their property. A high-quality window film can block up to 99.9% of UV radiation, protecting people and furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

As we've discussed, window film can significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters a property, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving property owners money on their energy bills. In addition, window film can also improve the energy efficiency of a property by making it easier for the air conditioning system to maintain a consistent temperature. By reducing the temperature inside a property, the air conditioning system doesn't have to work as hard, which prolongs its lifespan and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns.

5. Other Benefits of Window Film

In addition to blocking heat and UV rays, window film can also provide other benefits to property owners. For example, it can offer privacy by darkening windows, reduce glare during the day, and provide an added layer of security by making it more difficult for intruders to break into a property by shattering windows.

In conclusion, window film is a cost-effective solution to reducing energy bills, improving the comfort of a property and protecting people and furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why increasing numbers of homeowners and business owners are investing in window film. If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of window film or getting a quote for window film installation, get in touch today.

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