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Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware - Clear Fade Protection Window Tint

Fade Protection Home Window Tinting
Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware

From Tinting Breakwater Community Clubhouse to Fade Protection Window Tint by Shore Tint & More

Sun Control Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware
Sun Control Window Tinting in Breakwater Community Clubhouse

When the summer sun shines on homeowners in Lewes Delaware, they often face the challenge of excessive heat buildup and UV rays coming through their windows. That was exactly the issue for this Lewes homeowner. The UV rays coming through the windows were already showing signs of fading throughout the home. Before refinishing and replacing the damaged flooring, they considered tinting the windows. Luckily, they found us after tinting their clubhouse and called us for a consultation. Here's a detailed look at how our recent window tinting project using 3M Prestige 70 Home Window Tint transformed their great room.

The Problem: Blocking the Damaging UV Rays and Infrared Heat without Losing the Natural Light

The homeowners wanted to help reduce the effects of the sun without losing the natural light into their home. The UV rays were starting to damage the hardwood floors and furnishings. With the addition to a few Odd Shape Windows, many traditional solutions like blinds, shades, and curtains were not able be fitted easily. Not to mention you'd lose the view and the natural light.

Fade Protection Window Tinting

During the initial Consultation we could see how limited the amount of direct sun the home gets, so maintaining as much of the natural light while reducing the harmful UV rays was priority.

The Solution: Crystal Clear Fade Protection

After Discussing a few options we suggested 3M Prestige 70 and Clear View Ceramic 35 due to their Clear Views and High Fade Reduction properties. The Clients loved how clear the 3M Prestige looked, almost as if their was nothing on the windows. However when we tested the film samples with our UV and BTU meter you can surely feel the difference the Clear Film has. We left the Physical Data Cards with the clients so they can view them at different times of the day, review the different specifications between the solutions, and confirm their needs.

After a few days of considering they chose the clearest option that would let in the most amount of light - 3M Prestige 70. This professional grade home window tint is designed to let in the most amount of light through the windows, while maintaining high performance. This Crystal Clear Window film is filtering out 99.9% of the UV rays and over 50% of the total solar energy.

Installation Day: Climbing to Great Heights to Block the UV

Our lead Technicians Jared and Marvito, arrived promptly on time to the residence. They work together on a frequent basis so as a team they were prepared to get this project underway. Here's how they do it.

  1. Jobsite Preparation: First with booties equipped they relocated some furniture to gain proper access to the windows. Laying down tarps to protect the floors, and then they began to bring in the scaffolding.

  2. Window Deep Cleaning: A thorough multi step cleaning of the windows and frames ensures proper adhesion of the home window tint. No Bubbles!

  3. Home Tint Installation: Jared & Marvito working together systematically moved around the living room progressing through the project. Jared Pre cutting the project while Marvito Prepping the glass getting it ready to install helps them move quickly. They were able to complete this project within two hours.

  4. Wrap Up Time: After applying the home window tint using proper squeegee techniques to remove excessive moisture and to ensure a smooth finish. Double checking the work our team pushed out the edges to help them properly dry.

3M Prestige 70 Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware

Scaffolding or ladders, Just another day in the office with these two!

Professional Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware

Outcome: Crystal Clear Protection with Home Window Tint

Within the span of only two hours the windows have all been tinted and it doesn't even look like we did anything. Crystal Clear Protection allowing the maximum amount of light without the harmful UV Rays. Exactly what the client wanted.

Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware

Removing the installation equipment and moving all the furniture back to its original state it was time to do a final walkthrough. We checked the jobsite and finished up everything with the client.

Clear UV Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware

The Conclusion: Crystal Clear Success

This project highlights how beneficial home window tinting can be. Maintain all your natural lighting but protect your furniture. Upgrade your existing windows without darkening your windows. 3M Prestige 70 Home Window Tint is designed to be invisible once installed. Filtering out all the UV rays from the sun while letting in the natural light. With our Highly Trained Technicians at Shore Tint & More we ensure a quality installation.

If you have a home and are wanting to protect your furnishings from UV Rays, Consider Clear UV Protection with 3M Prestige Home Window Tinting in Lewes Delaware.

Check out this beautiful home we tinted in Lewes

If you have a home or business in Delaware and you would like to get the Shore Tint & More Treatment, fill out the contact form below! Or call/text us anytime at (302) 947-4624


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