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Heat Rejecting tint for 2022 Ford Bronco Seaford Delaware - Best Car Tinting in Delaware

The owner of this Brand New Ford Bronco wanted to Match the Front Windows to the Rear Privacy Glass. Not only did he want to have a factory style look on the front windows, they also wanted to cut down on the heat and UV. This is their family vehicle and is priority to add a layer of protection.

We carry a few different lines of XPEL Window Tint. They went with our single layer Ceramic from XPEL. XPELs XR Ceramic Window Tint. Ceramic Window Tint is very good at blocking heat and UV Rays. What they chose is not legal in Delaware but they had a Medical Window Tint Exemption Form. Tinting the side windows is also a great way to cut down blinding Glare. Heat Blocking Window Tint also helps block annoying headlights at night time.

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