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Ford Work Truck Tinting - Factory Window Tinting in Seaford Delaware

Ever want to make your Ford Work Truck look like it just rolled off the assembly line with Factory Tinted Windows? We can do that! Our XPEL Prime Window Tint is the perfect window tint if you want to make your windows look factory! Our 20% is the perfect equivalent to the factory privacy glass! The XPEL CS line of film is perfect to cut down the glare by 80%. The 20% is not too dark or not too light, its right in the middle!

The XPEL CS Prime Window Film is perfect for the budget minded individual who wants to add a layer of protection between them and the sun. The Factory window tint package by us is blocking 99.9% of the harmful UV rays. It is also blocking a minimal amount of solar energy as well! You can learn more about what we can do to your vehicle by calling us at (302) 947 - 4624 or you can contact us via email at

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