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Ceramic Film Vs Standard Film - Which is the Best Option for Your Car?

Ceramic Film Vs Standard Film - Which is the Best Option for Your Car?

Choosing the right window film for your car can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your specific needs. Two of the most popular options are ceramic film and standard film. In this blog post, we will compare ceramic film versus standard film, and help you decide which film is the best option for your car.

First, let’s define what these two types of films are. Standard film is made of dyed polyester and is the most commonly used type of window film. It is the most affordable option available and is great for reducing glare and UV rays from entering the car. However, it doesn't offer as much heat protection as ceramic film.

On the other hand, ceramic film is made of ceramic particles that are embedded in the film. This makes it superior in heat reduction and offers almost 50% more heat reduction compared to standard film. Ceramic films also come in a wide range of tints and do not fade over time, making them a long-term investment.

However, ceramic film can be more expensive than standard film and may not be readily available in all locations. It also has a higher reflectivity than standard film, which may not be suitable for all types of vehicles.

Another factor to consider when choosing between ceramic film and standard film is the level of protection they offer. Ceramic film provides an added degree of protection, making it more durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and fading compared to standard film.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that ceramic film has a higher optical clarity level compared to standard film, which makes it easier to see through. This is useful for maintaining visibility while driving without compromising your privacy.

In conclusion, choosing between ceramic film and standard film is dependent on your personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for maximum heat reduction and added durability, ceramic film is the best option for you. However, if you are on a budget and want a film that offers UV and glare reduction, standard film will do the job just fine.

No matter which option you choose, it's always best to have a professional install it for you to ensure that it is properly installed. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of both options and make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

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