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Best Window Tint Seaford Delaware

This Kia got our Best Window Tint which is our XPEL CS window film! They got a modest selection with our 5% Privacy Tint in the rear and 20% on the front two doors! This is the perfect selection if you wanted to add a layer of privacy and glare blockage without completely blacking out the windows!

This XPEL Prime Window tint selection is perfect for the budget minded individual who wants to add a layer or protection between you and the harmful sun rays without completely blocking the view. The 5% adds a layer of privacy by only letting 5% of the light in and blocking 95% of the glare! The 20% adds a perfect balance of letting 20% of the light in while cutting the glare by 80%. You can contact us at (302) 947 - 4624 or at

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