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Best Toyota Tundra Window Tint - Front Door Tint - Ceramic Heat Blocking XPEL XR - Windshield Coated

Toyota Tundra's are one of the best vehicles to get tinted! Where they have plenty of ruggedness they lack in energy efficiency! We installed our XPEL XR Nano Ceramic window tint to the front 2 doors in the 20% shade to match the back! Another upgrade we do here at Shore Tint is a Glassparaency Windshield Coating! This coating acts as a barrier between the windshield and the rain/dirt. It fly's right off the windshield a lot easier and it is a lot easier to keep clean!!

Heat, Light, and UV are the biggest causes of fading and degradation of interior furnishings, body panels, or flooring! Blocking these can greatly increase the lifespan of the interior! You can reach us at (302) 947 - 4624 or via email at

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