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Best Privacy and Heat Rejection Film in Seaford, Harbeson, Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey Delaware

Darker films like you Dual Reflective/Nightview 15% are perfect for cutting out the drastic sun and giving you much needed privacy. These films give off a beautiful reflection on the outside keeping your neighbors from staring directly into your home. The film is perfect for cutting out a lot of the glare, by 85%. The heat is drastically taken away as well. Plus you get the added benefit of getting rid of the UV.

Heat rejection is a major benefit of these films. The privacy is just as important. If you cant sit in your home and enjoy it, then why are you even there? If you have an overly curious neighbor or you just dont want to feel like you are being stared at and watched, these films are perfect for you.

We also have these film in our Transitional Series as well so its not always super dark. Its only dark when you need it (when the sun is hitting the windows directly). These films also block 99.9% of the UV which is a major cause in degradation of hardwood floors and furnishings. You can contact us at (302) 947 - 4624 or at

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