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Great Home Glare Reducing Tint in Seaford, Lewes, Rehoboth DE

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Getting a light shade of tint on windows that do not have shades or coverings on them is a great and smart choice to any home buyer. Window tint is often more affordable than extravagant shades or blinds. Plus with window tint you get the added benefit of some shade while still having the natural light come thru the glass and keeping the view.

A light shade of tint shown in the picture still lets in a lot of the natural light into the room with darkening the window. It cuts down the heat dramatically as well. Some of the lighter films can still reach a 60% Heat rejection and a 80% IR Rejection. The film adds a solar barrier to your glass that curtains will not.

A definite benefit of window film over traditional curtains is the UV Protection. UV is a invisible killer of hardwood floors and furniture. If you have any artwork hanging on your walls, you need window film. Window film blocks 99.9% of the UV-A and UV-B coming through the windows. UV will damage anything and everything over time and the bad part is you never notice until its too late. Contact us today at (302) 947 - 4624 or at

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