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Best Chevy Traverse Tint - Seaford Delaware - Black Emblems - Sunroof Tint - Glare Strip - XPEL Tint

The transformation of the Chevy Traverse is unreal! Not only did we throw on the absolute best Window film on the market (XPEL PRIME) we also blacked out the Chevy emblems on the front and rear! They went with the 5% Privacy Tint on all the sides and back, on both of the sunroofs, and the glare strip! This is a baller package! Complete privacy all the way around no matter the time of day! This XPEL CS window tint is blocking 95% of the light, a minimal amount of heat, and 99.9% of the UV rays! This film is an absolutely great aesthetic modification. It is an affordable upgrade that is going to make your vehicle stand out from the rest!

Heat, Light, and UV are the biggest causes of fading and degradation of interior furnishings, body panels, or flooring! Blocking these can greatly increase the lifespan of the interior! You can reach us at (302) 947 - 4624 or via email at

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