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With 3M Fasara Glass finishes, the possibilities are nearly endless. Giving you privacy in your office, to adding decoration to the classroom. We even have a film that is a dry erase board once installed. With so many possibilities, it can get a bit overwhelming. That's why we are here. Incorporating decorative and frost films in office buildings, schools, universities, churches and homes to the existing glazing will control viewing and make areas more unique, private and useable. Decorative films add a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy and glare control to any flat glass application. Decorative films are a cost effective, versatile alternative to the traditional method of acid-etched patterned glass. There are many uses for decorative window films. We have installed this type of films in bathroom windows, shower doors, office windows, office doors, entry and foyer areas of homes and business and restaurants for privacy. The design possibilities are endless and we can help you design your next project and you will be amazed by the transformation of the glass.

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